Traffic Measures

Traffic measures will also be in force this year, especially in and around the city centre. This is necessary for us to be able to organise all the activities and to guarantee the safety of all visitors and residents. Although we try to prevent this as much as possible, there will be traffic disruption in the city. In this letter you will find a general overview of traffic measures around 4 and 5 May, so that you can prepare as well as possible.


Do you have a question about the temporary traffic measures? If so, you can call the municipal council (0317) 492 911, available on working days, Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 6:00, and Friday from 9:00 to 12:00. City Hall will be closed on 5 May and it will not be possible to reach the municipal council by phone. In the event of urgent traffic problems on this day, you can contact the Wageningen45 team on (0317) 492 522.

Traffic measures

The attached cards outline the road closures and parking bans that will be in place between 3 and 6 May. For streets with no colour indication, the usual parking rules apply. Upon presentation of this letter you can reach your house if the area around it is closed. Healthcare providers will of course have access to get as close as possible to your home by car. Do you live on the Duivendaal site or in the Sahara district? Then you will also receive a pass. With this pass, you will also be able to reach your house by car.

We encourage visitors to come to the city by public transport, bicycle, or on foot wherever possible.

On 5 May, all vehicles that are still parked in the centre will be towed away. Please check in good time whether your car is parked where it is allowed. Keep an eye on the local signs for the most up-to-date information.

Traffic measures from 3 May

  • From 8:00 on 3 May to 13:00 on 6 May, the 5 Mei Plein, Irene Brigadeplein, the Veerstraat bend, and General Foulkesweg will be closed.

  • Walstraat and Plantsoen will be closed to motorised traffic from 7:00 on 4 May to 13:00 on 6 May.

  • From 7:00 on 4 May to 13:00 on 6 May no parking will be allowed throughout the city centre.

  • 4 to 5 May: no parking in De Dreijen. This is not an event site but is used as a parking area for participants in the passing of the liberation torch (4 May) and the liberation parade (5 May).

  • Due to the construction of stages, parking is prohibited at certain locations (see the orange markers on the attached map). The times indicated on the signs near the locations therefore take precedence. No rights can be derived from the times on the website and in this letter. It is therefore important that you keep a close eye on the signs in city centre car parks.


  • Due to the liberation parade, the Ritzema Bosweg – Stadsbrink – Lawickse Allee road will be closed from 7:00 on 5 May to 1:00 on 6 May. A diversion route will be set up via Diedenweg – Nijenoord Allee – Kortenoord Allee.
  • Wageningen city centre will be closed to traffic from 7:00 on 5 May to 13:00 on 6 May.
  • General Foulkesweg between the Diedenweg and Ritzema Bosweg will closed from 18:00 on 4 May to 19:00 on 5 May.
  • Due to the liberation parade, access to the area around General Foulkesweg will be limited on 5 May.

Closures for silent march on 4 May

  • On 4 May, the silent march will take place from 19:00 to 20:30. In connection with this, several adjacent roads will be closed during this time. An overview can be found at

City centre residents and visitor parking

  • From 3 May, car parks and areas in and around the centre will be completely or partially closed. Visitors, but also residents with parking permits, may not park their cars in the streets and at parking locations with parking bans. The nearest place to park is in the car parks along the Marijkeweg.


  • From the moment that parking bans come into effect, towing will also be in force. Towing involves high costs for the car owner.

Liberation festival visitor parking

  • We encourage visitors to come to the city by public transport, bicycle, or on foot wherever possible. Bicycles can be parked on the edge of the centre. There are no guarded bicycle parking areas this year.
  • Visitors by car are accommodated as much as possible on the north side of the city. On the Wageningen University & Research campus on the Droevendaalsesteeg, cars can park for free from 8:00 on 5 May. Shuttle buses will run between the bus stops at Droevendaalsesteeg and Nijenoord Allee and Wageningen bus station. Special shuttle bus tickets are sold by the bus operator Syntus at the exit of the parking lot on Droevendaalsesteeg.


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